I have been an artist all my life.

Along in 2008 I decided to buy these lampwork beaded bracelets from China and sell them on eBay and immediately got in trouble due to rights, and was booted off eBay and had to sit on all the beaded and bracelets so I put them on the back burner in my head for a while.

I was still painting at the time and showing when ever I could as an artist, selling note cards and prints and occasional paintings and commission portraits.

In 2009 I started having intestinal problems and got checked out. Turned out I had colorectal cancer and had to sped the next six months fighting for my life  through chemo, radiation, and multiple surgeries.

While I was sick I thought about those beads and what could I do with them? I ask God to help me with it. When you are sick and just hanging around you have lots of time to think, so the idea came to me to make earrings out of these lampwork beads just take them off the bracelets, thus I started making jewelry. I put them in at the gallery where I was sell my art already on a little rack and they took off!

Then I started showing art one summer after I got better at LULU'S Homeport Marina, in Gulfshores, AL. and sold them there also. I still have a few of those beads left that started it all, and the silver plated bracelets that they came on. 

Now I can make my own lampwork beads when I want them!