Hi Blog Readers

If you have been reading my blogs, or following me on FaceBook, you will know I have been down with the flu for one week, then it went into a sinuses infection the next week and a half which I ended up having to go to the Doctors for. 

Since I have moved here to OK I have had a hard time adjusting to the pollen here, which I guess is not going to change. So I am going to have to find some sinus med. that works for me. Well enough about that. 

Now that I am feeling better I need to get back to loading the rest of the items to the website. There are a lot or rings that I have not even started putting online yet, and even more necklaces that are not online yet. 

While I am at it my friend in life and I are house hunting, and when we find a place it will be bug out time from here to move again....sounds like fun....lol, but it will mean a studio which I am in disparate need of.

I am also working on getting a booth together into some local indoor shows in the area.