Hi, It's time I write another note.

It's time I write another note on my blog here.

I have been busy adding more items in most of the categories, in the jewelry line as I get things polished up and photograph like I want to again. I was not happy with some of the old pictures. So I am redoing them.

I am also taking new photos of the art that is for sale that I have painted through the years, that I have decided to part with, it is not easy they have become like friends on my walls, but I am getting older and I have decided they need new homes.

I have also gessoed a new canvas, I am excited about that, I am ready to paint. I have had a lot of distraction. With moving, unpacking, starting this website, and promoting it has been a huge undertaking. 

I also want to get into a set of shows in the area around here, and I need to prepare for that. 

But keep coming back and looking because I am not even done posting items for sale yet.