About All The Art

I have had the art up there from the start, and I have alway been an artist as I stated on my about page.  It has always been my first love. So now I am torn between two worlds jewelry and painting.

You can go on this journey with me as I discover in this new transition in of my life work where I am going to go with my work. 

I have done some  portrait work and can more of that upon request, but I love doing abstracts and want to explore that more in my painting along with putting my feelings into my paint. I love color and want to study that more with feel.

I have not painted in about 5 yrs now. I have done some pastel portraits when asked but I have been drawing stretches for my jewelry ideas and of other things when I feel the need. I always have loved to draw. 

I lost ALL of my paint brushes in the move to Broken Arrow, OK from Lillian, AL. if you are a fellow artist you understand what that means....A life time of collected art brushes, gone it SUCKS! Anyway I will get past it. Stuff happens.