My Website Being Live

I am so excited my website as of last night is live and I can now take orders and accept money via stripe. 

This is huge it is the first time I have had a free standing website of my own. I have been working with the help of a class at Tulsa Tech, and a great teacher named Jason Collington he has been the best. 

Now as far as my jewelry line, I still need to do a lot of new photos of my jewelry before putting them online here so please be patient with me. The jewelry photos that are passable I will put online for now until I can add new photos or I can replace them or both.

You may have noticed that there is another change in the drop down list at the pages, I told you on the front page that I am an Artist, so I am going to be selling my paintings. I am not ready yet, they all need to be photographed, and I will be doing that in the coming weeks.

That is all for this post.  Until next time.