Hammered Copper Bangle

Hammered Copper Bangle


Hammered copper bangle is a very heavy gauge, this is a thick and weighs close to an ounce. 

I spent at least three to 4 hours making this bracelet, it is hammered on the inside as well, the process requires torching, and back to hammering again. The wire was round to begin with. I square it up. Metal hardens up after being hammered so you have to torch it or it will break. I have made the hammered marks on all four sides to give it the beautiful decorations.
Then it has been given a patina, then put in the tumbler to get a high polish.

Bracelet measures 8 inches. 

If you have a 6 to 7 in wrist this will fit. The way to put on a bracelet of this kind is to look for the two bones in your fore arm in your wrist, then set the tip of the bracelet in between the two bones in your inside wrist, then push the other side over the rest of your arm. Once you get the hang of this it is very easy to get bangles on and off.

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